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The region was formed in 1973 and is located in the southwestern part of the Republic of Kazakhstan, bordered in the northeast by Atyrau and Aktobe regions, in the west by sea with the Russian Federation, Azerbaijan and Iran, in the south with Turkmenistan and in the east by Uzbekistan .

The territory of the region is 165.6 thousand square meters. km (6.1% of the total area of ​​Kazakhstan, 7th place out of 14 regions). The population of the region as of 01.10.2017 is 655 192 people.

The length of the coastal zone of the Caspian Sea in the territory of the Mangystau region is 874 km.

The relief of the region is diverse. The northern half is occupied by the Caspian lowland, occupied by the mountains Zheltau (221 m), Mynsualmas (148 m) and sandy massifs (Karakum, Sam and others), extensive salt marshes (Olikoltyk, Kaidak, Karaduli, Karakesh and others) and the Buzachi Peninsula. The central part is occupied by the Mangystau peninsula, where there are the Mangystau mountains (Aktau 556 m, Karatau, 562 m), the Mangystau plateau and the deepest basin in the CIS Karakiya (132 m). In the south-west is the Kendirli-Kayasanskoe plateau, in the south — the Karynzharyk depression. The east of the region is occupied by the Ustyurt plateau.

The subsoil is rich in oil, gas, phosphate, coal, manganese, various salts, and shell rock.

The climate is continental, extremely dry. The average temperature in January is –14, –19 ° C, July +26, + 40 ° C. Annual precipitation is 100-150 mm.

The administrative-territorial division of the Mangystau region is represented by 3 cities (Aktau, a single-industry town of Zhanaozen of regional significance, a small town of Fort-Shevchenko of regional importance), 5 districts, 46 rural districts, 61 rural populations.

The center of the region is the city of Aktau, which is a port on the Caspian Sea and was founded in 1963. As of July 1, 2017, the city has 271,292 people. Distance from Aktau to Astana — 2413 km.

The Mangystau region in accordance with the Forecasting scheme of the spatial and spatial development of the country is part of the Western macro-region and specializes in animal husbandry and the oil and gas industry.

The region has a powerful transit, transport and logistics, and infrastructure and service potential of international importance as a border region of the Republic of Kazakhstan, entering the multinational system of the Caspian region. Two international transport corridors TRACECA and “North-South” connecting Eastern Europe with Central Asia and Northern Europe with the countries of the Persian Gulf pass through the territory of the region.

The advantageous geographical location of the region on the Caspian Sea coast ensures proximity to the countries generating the main tourist flows. Transport logistics and tourism are identified by important competitive advantages of the region, the development of which will contribute to the diversification of the economy and the creation of new jobs.

The main center of growth is the regional center — the city of Aktau, which, together with the cities of Aktobe, Uralsk and Atyrau, form the supporting spatial framework of the unified settlement system of the Western macroregion.

The main direction of the prospective economic specialization of the single-industry economy of Zhanaozen will remain oil and gas production. Development will receive refining of oil and gas.

The successful development of the small town of Fort Shevchenko in the future will be associated with the development of the fishing industry, construction and maintenance of vessels.

The region carries out export-import operations with 101 countries of the world, incl. export operations from 41 countries, import operations from 99 countries. The foreign trade turnover of the region increased from 8,571.5 million US dollars in 2012 to 10,187.7 million dollars in 2014. Exports of goods increased from US $ 8,098.9 million in 2012 to US $ 9673.7 million in 2014.

Mangystau Region occupies the second place in the country by the share of industrial production (13.2%), which is represented mainly by the mining industry (its share in the national volume is 23%). In this area there are a large number of large and medium-sized enterprises.

The manufacturing industry is represented by metallurgy and the production of finished hardware, engineering and chemical industry.

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